Abolish Abortion in Idaho.


It is time to establish justice for the preborn in Idaho by abolishing abortion in Idaho. There are 1,300 Idaho babies killed every year by abortion. 28 every week. Since 1973's Roe v. Wade declared that the preborn do not have a right to live, there has only recdently been legislation proposed that would have Idaho ban all abortion and then ignore or defy any contrary court opinion.

Until recently, Idaho has regulated the practice of preborn murder as if it were healthcare instead of treating it as criminal himicide.

The government of our state possesses the moral, legal, and constitutional duty to establish justice for all human beings within its jurisdiction, including the preborn by prohibiting abortion. The right to take human life is NOT protected by the Constitution, and our governor and legislature are not bound by any law or duty to aid or abet the Supreme Court in their attempted perversion of the Constitution. Instead, they are duty bound by their oaths to support, obey, and defend the United States and Idaho Constitutions and oppose the destruction of human life.

We are thankful to Idaho House Representatives Heather Scott and John Green for introducing in 2019 the Abortion Human Rights Act that would abolish all abortion in Idaho.

It is time to treat the weakest of our neighbors just like we do our born neighbors. And, it is time to defy the courts that would call abortion "legal".

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How We Will
Abolish Abortion.

In 2019, Idaho state House Representatives Heather Scott and John Green have introduced the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act. The proposed law would end all abortion in Idaho, without exception.

The law also does not challenge Roe v.Wade. Instead, it asserts that Roe is a legal nullity, and that there is no right to kill children in the federal constitution. Therefore, Idaho has the authority and legal sovereignty to ban abortion from the state.


Never in Idaho has there been proposed legislation that would treat all abortion as homicide, with no exceptions.

Historically, every abortion regulation has allowed any mother who is raped to kill her preborn child conceived by the rapist.

However, it is wrong to make the baby pay for the crime of the father.

Rape and abortion are wrong for the same reasons. In a rape, a woman suffers at the hands of the violent will of a stronger person (the rapist). In an abortion, a baby suffers at the hands of a stronger person (the abortionist, who has been hired by the mother as a paid assassin).

Historically, every abortion regulation has allowed any mother who has been impregnated by a close relative to kill her preborn child

However, it is wrong to make the baby pay for the sins of the parents.

Contrary to popular myth, babies conceived in an incestual relationship are born just as healthy and genetically whole as any other baby. There should never be any reason that is acceptable to a society for which an innocent person can be put to death. Abortion in the case of incest is an act of man’s brutal inhumanity to man.

The Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act classifies the intentional killing of a pre-born human being as homicide. This would not classify life-saving medical intervention that inadvertently leads to the death of a child as murder. In a case where the utmost care was given to protect both the life of the mother and the life of her pre-born child, but where the pre-born child did not survive, the situation would be deemed a tragedy, not a murder.

The Hippocratic oath taken by physicians has the premise that the doctor is to first do no harm. Both baby and mother should be treated as patients, and any medical interventions should seek to preserve the health and life of both baby and mother.

C. Everett Koop, who was the Surgeon General under Ronald Reagan was a pediatric surgeon for decades. He said “When a woman is pregnant, her obstetrician takes on the care of two patients—the mother-to-be and the unborn baby. If, toward the end of the pregnancy complications arise that threaten the mother’s health, he will take the child by inducing labor or performing a Caesarian section. His intention is still to save the life of both the mother and the baby. The baby will be premature. The baby is never willfully destroyed because the mother’s life is in danger.”

The Association of Pro-Life Physicians
also contends that doctors never have to willfully kill an unborn child in an abortion to save a woman’s life. “When the life of the mother is truly threatened by her pregnancy, if both lives cannot simultaneously be saved, then saving the mother’s life must be the primary aim,” according to the doctors association. “If through our careful treatment of the mother’s illness the pre-born patient inadvertently dies or is injured, this is tragic and, if unintentional, is not unethical and is consistent with the pro-life ethic. But the intentional killing of an unborn baby by abortion is never necessary.”

The Declaration of Independence recognizes an unalienable right to life, a right granted by our Creator. Historically during the abortion holocaust, there are a fraction of a percent of abortions that mothers obtain because their baby is deemed to have a life threatening abnormality. Abiding by the Hippocratic oath, though, doctors should first do no harm. There is no crime in the event of natural death, but there is indeed a crime when a person takes the life of another. It is not okay to kill a baby, even if it is suspected that the baby will die anyway, just like it is never okay to kill a born person against their will when they have a terminal illness.

It is also wise to always remember that doctors are not perfect and can not always accurately diagnose a medical condition or accurately determine the prognosis for any possible medical condition.

The Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act respects the right to life from conception to natural death.

This legislation would not affect the legality of contraceptive birth control, which means it does not prohibit anything that prevents conception or fertilization of a human egg by human sperm. Examples of contraceptives include male and female condoms and natural family planning.

Since almost 1,800 Idaho mothers currently get abortions every year, one may think that when the petition becomes law that our prisons will fill with mothers and abortionists who have murdered babies. However, this will likely not be the case for the following reasons:

First, the legislation will not be retroactive, and prior to enactment any abortion will not be subject to prosecution under this legislation (retroactive laws are known as ex post facto laws and are unconstitutional by both the US and Idaho constitutions). After enactment of this legislation, all abortion clinics will be shut down by law enforcement. So, access to legal abortion will be eliminated in Idaho.

Any woman contemplating an illegal abortion, or any abortionist who would kill by abortion, will know that the act of abortion carries prosecution in Idaho with severe penalties. Like all of our criminal laws, enforcement with commensurate penalties acts as a deterrent to the proliferation of the criminal activity.

Also, when society enacts this legislation, there will be a new respect for the value of the life of the preborn, and the culture will be taught to respect the rights of these smallest citizens, made in the image of God. Culturally, abortion should be as unthinkable as the murder of born people is presently.

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