Abortion When the Mother’s Life is in Danger

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Abolish Abortion Idaho

Almost always when people argue in favor of child sacrifice, they talk about the exceptions, like what about the “need” to kill the child to save the life of the mother? (We’d like to point out that what mother actually goes and gets an abortion when her life is truly in danger? Normally, such a mother or those attending her would take her to a hospital emergency room)

It is fine to quote C Everett Koop, a pediatric surgeon for over 3 decades and the United States Surgeon General under President Ronald Reagan, who said an abortion is never necessary to save the life of a mother, but what about discussing widely recognized human moral principles?

If you were in a combat zone in a bunker and a grenade was tossed into the bunker, would you grab the nearest, weakest soldier and throw him on the grenade, blowing off his arms and legs and saving your life?

If you did that, would you be awarded the Silver Star or medal of valor?

No, society universally praises people who sacrifice their lives for others, not those who sacrifice others for themselves.

Would society commend a mother who, in a life raft with limited resources, threw her child overboard to drown in order to save herself?

No, even the heathen would commend the mother who sacrificed herself to save her child.

Jesus said that no greater love has a man than this, that he lays down his life for his friends.

But people who support abortion can not see abortion rightly. They are selfish, myopic and blind, justifying the slaughter of children for the selfishness, sin and even convenience of the parents.

Life is valuable because we all have a human spirit from the moment of biological conception, and that spirit is made in the image of God. The 6th commandment is that “thou shalt not murder”. It is the most basic function of our civil government to protect innocent life from those who would unlawfully take innocent life. Without the protection of the unalienable right to life, there is little value to protecting liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The petition being circulated by Abolish Abortion Idaho is the only morally and constitutionally consistent legislative proposal to come along in the entirety of the 44 years since Roe v. Wade. Our legislative language permits no exceptions for which innocent human life may be intentionally destroyed.


Circulate the Idaho Ballot Initiative to Criminalize Abortion as Murder


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