Don’t Overturn Roe, Defy Roe!

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Defy Roe

A press release by Ohio Right to Life this past week championed “Gov. Kasich Signs Landmark Bill to Challenge Roe”. Their thinking was that the new 22 week ban on abortions in Ohio, based on a baby’s supposed ability to feel pain at that gestational age, will create a Supreme Court challenge that will cause the overturning by the Supreme … Read More

Ohio Heartbeat Bill a Bad Idea

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Ohio Heartbeat Bill a Bad Idea

Last week, on December 7, 2016, the Ohio legislature, in ten hours, amended a child abuse bill that had been working its way through the legislature, and added language that would prohibit abortions if a fetal heartbeat could be detected. Effectively, according to the press on this bill, abortions would be prohibited by this legislation at around 6 weeks gestation … Read More

Abigail of Rathdrum Supports the Petition

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Abigail Supports Petition

Abigail of Rathdrum, Idaho explains why she supports the petition that will abolish abortion in Idaho and treat all abortion as first degree murder. Every year there are 1,751 Idaho babies aborted. Murdered. Abigail is fortunately one of the 65% of our population that has never had an abortion nor paid for nor helped someone else get an abortion. She … Read More

Gary of Coeur d’Alene Supports the Petition

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Gary of CDA

Gary of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho explains why he supports the petition that will prohibit abortion in Idaho and treat all abortion as first degree murder. Like 30-40% of the American population, there is an abortion in Gary’s past that took the life of his child. Gary encouraged his girlfriend to abort their child, but as a Christian, Gary has found … Read More

Coeur d’Alene Pastor Supports Petition

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Paul Van Noy

Pastor Paul Van Noy of Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene on 11/13/16 spoke from the pulpit in support of the initiative petition that will prohibit all abortion in Idaho and treat abortion as murder. Paul’s comments were to encourage his congregation to sign and circulate the petition, which will place on the general election ballot in Idaho in November … Read More

Idaho State Legislator on State Sovereignty

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Courts do not make law

Recently, Idaho state representative Heather Scott from District 1 spoke on the morning show’s Watchman Wednesday on radio station KYMS, 89.9 FM in North Idaho and discussed state sovereignty. In the short audio clip below, we hear from her some of the principles illustrated in our path to abolition, wherein the state, once the people pass the initiative petition and … Read More

New Abortion Abolition Petition in Idaho

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Since 1973 Idaho mothers have been able to murder their children under the protection of civil government here in Idaho. This is because when the Supreme Court of the United States issued their opinion in Roe v. Wade that preborn babies have no Constitutional rights, our state legislators, governor, the Idaho National Guard, and all of the police, sheriffs and … Read More