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Defy Judicial Tyranny

noun, plural tyrannies.

1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.

In a recent article in on the petition to abolish abortion in Idaho, it was reported “Despite noble intentions, even if passed in 2018, this state ballot measure likely would not stand a challenge at the Supreme Court, as Roe vs. Wade currently prevails. The Supremacy Clause in Article IV of the Constitution applies when state and federal laws clash. In the case of conflicting legislation, federal legislation would supersede state law”. The author, Erin Parfet, must not have read our plan very clearly that our path to ABOLITION of murder does not include attempting to comply with judicial overreach. The plan is to equip legislators, the governor, and the people of Idaho with the sound Biblical, historical and constitutional idea that judicial tyranny should be ignored or defied, and that it is in fact the obligation of the people and the magistrates to interpose themselves against tyrants, especially when the tyrants would assert that the unlawful deaths of the innocent is a supposed “right”.

In a 1973 uncontested coup d’etat of the United States Supreme Court, the individual states began their protection of the slaughter of innocents known as abortion. We have just about completed a 44 year long abortion holocaust that has killed 60 million preborn Americans because of the lie that the courts hold supremacy even when they themselves butcher the rights contained in the US Constitution and upon which the country was founded.

In the article by Life News linked above, the author also asserts that “The Supremacy Clause in Article IV of the Constitution applies when state and federal laws clash. In the case of conflicting legislation, federal legislation would supersede state law”. The actual article in question, part of which is called the supremacy clause, is Article VI. However, the article itself does not declare that the judiciary is supreme. In fact, it declares that the Constitution is supreme, and that all government officers, including those of the judiciary, are bound by oath to uphold the Constitution as supreme. Since humans error, including courts, it is necessary as a balance of power that we not elevate one branch of government above another, and likewise one branch’s interpretation of the constitution above any other branch’s interpretation. Therefore, it can legitimately be in the people’s best interest that the legislative and executive branches of government act as a balance and even as a counter to the judiciary when it massively misinterprets the Constitution. It is truly a type of insanity to wait for the very judiciary that erred to correct itself, in the meantime while millions of humans are being killed based on their error.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of the United States does not have an exemplary record in correcting its own unjust rulings. In the 1857 case of Dred Scott v. Sandford, it took a civil war, a Presidential executive order, an Act of Congress and two amendments to the Constitution to correct the error of the Supreme Court, and the Court has never said they were wrong in that 1857 decision.

We want all of the people who want to abolish abortion to understand one basic premise. Our effort in Idaho is not meant to work within the confines of judicial precedent that would declare killing your baby a constitutional right. We ask, would the people of Idaho allow the courts to override their 2nd amendment rights in a judicial ruling that directed the state, local or federal government officials to confiscate our guns? If not, then why have we allowed them to remove the protection of innocent life in the womb and even to protect the taking of that innocent life? Should we not practice the golden rule and love our neighbors as ourselves or treat them as we would want to be treated? Are not the preborn humans our neighbors? Is not abortion, in which sterile, cold metal instruments inserted into the womb of a mother to dismember and evacuate her offspring a crime against the natural order and against the very basics of a moral society?

There is literally nothing but ignorance, cowardice, fear, or greed that compels the state of Idaho to obey the evil edicts of any court that would judge that it is a mother’s right to get an abortion. Because of Idaho’s compliance with judicial tyranny, mothers can literally get away with murder in Idaho (this, because Idaho already defines murder to include the killing of an embryo or fetus in Idaho Code section 18-4001, yet then prohibits prosecution for this murder when a mother gets an abortion via Idaho Code section 18-4016).

The courts are counting on the state of Idaho to believe the lie that the judiciary should be obeyed even when the judiciary has violated the very basic right to life contained in the Declaration of Independence, the 5th and 14th amendments and Article I of the Idaho constitution. Why does not Idaho assert that it has the right under the 9th amendment to protect the preborn? Or even under the 10th amendment?

Do courts administer the state of Idaho’s national guard, legislative and executive acts and budgets, state police forces and prisons? No. They instead count on states to capitulate to all of their rulings and to kow tow to obvious tyranny. If Washington and Colorado can disregard federal law on the subject of recreational marijuana use, then surely Idaho can disregard the courts on the subject of infanticide, aka abortion. To help us end the abortion holocaust in Idaho, please click below and help circulate the petition.


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