1 – Circulate The Petition.

The primary way you can help abolish abortion in Idaho and make this ballot initiative successful is to sign the petition and help us gather signatures for the petition.

We will need tens of thousands of registered Idaho voters to sign the petition in order to make the general election ballot in 2018. We need voters from every county in Idaho to be involved. You must be at least 18 and an Idaho resident to circulate the petition. Will you please help?

To sign the petition, you must be an Idaho registered voter.

Circulate The Petition

2 – Donate.

We do welcome your financial assistance to help provide for the following expenses in order to make this ballot initiative effort successful:

  • Website development and hosting
  • PO Box rental
  • travel expenses related to submitting the petitions to county clerks and retrieving them from county clerks
  • travel to Boise to submit petitions to the Secretary of State
  • information packets to churches and political clubs

Contributions are not tax deductible. We only accept your gifts by Paypal by clicking on the link below.

We thank you for your generosity for a contribution of any amount.

3 – Sign Up For Emails.

If you would like to receive e-mail updates from the campaign to Abolish Abortion in Idaho through the ballot initiative, please sign-up below:

  • Want our emails?

4 – Ask Us A Question.

Contact us for more information

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