Equal Protection Under the Law

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Equal Protection Under the Law

Just yesterday in the news out of Alameda County in California, a woman was arrested and charged for a murder-for-hire plot. According to the news, A 38-year-old father, who was gunned down in Hayward last July, was targeted in a murder-for-hire plot by the operator of a “sophisticated” illegal marijuana grow operation.

The killing happened in July in broad daylight when the victim, Adan Katami, was shot in his truck at a traffic light, but while deputies arrested the gunman, Johnny Wright, Jr., and his suspected getaway driver, Chariot Burks, shortly after the killing, detectives soon began to unravel a more elaborate plot involving a soured relationship between business partners in a shady weed enterprise and hired killers from across the country. It turns out the gunman and his driver had no relationship to the victim but were hired from out-of-state to perform the contract killing. The woman who hired them was identified as Tikisha Upshaw.

Upshaw contracted the killing of the victim because of their soured business relationship in an illegal marijuana grow operation. She orchestrated the hit with a Berkeley resident, Wessley Brown, who then hired the two killers from Memphis, Tennessee to carry out the killing. That makes for a total of four people involved in the killing of Katami. Upshaw was charged Tuesday in Alameda County Superior Court with a special circumstance murder along with other drug charges. Wright, Burks, and Brown have all been charged with murder in the slaying.

So, here is an another example of where a woman hired assassins to kill someone whom she knew, and the whole lot of them, everyone involved in the plot, including the woman who instigated the plot, are all charged with the crime of murder. So, we ask, why do we make exceptions for murder in the state of Idaho when it comes to abortion? Why is there a prohibition on prosecuting women and abortionists for aborting preborn children? We ask further why there are some, who are against abortion, that claim we should only prosecute the abortionists and not the mothers who hire them?

The initiative petition to abolish abortion in Idaho has as a goal the establishment of equal protection under the law from conception to natural death. If we treat the preborn differently than the born, is that not discrimination in the most negative sense of the word? How was enslaving black people and denying them equal rights in the 19th century in America any different? We look back on that sordid American history and very clearly see the RACISM, and we ask only that you now look at the present abortion allowance in Idaho and understand the AGEISM that has promulgated the present statutory prohibition of prosecution of all parties involved in an abortion.


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