Should Mothers Be Excepted From Murder Prosecution For Abortions?

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Should mothers be prosecuted

Should mothers be excepted from murder prosecution for abortions when abortions are illegal? Since we started the ballot initiative effort to establish equal protection under the law for the preborn and treat their deaths by abortion as murder, we have had some people oppose the effort based on the idea that women, mothers particularly, should not be subject to murder … Read More

Are Most Abortions Coerced? Answering Right to Life of Idaho

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Press release 1/27/2017

For several decades now, Right to Life of Idaho (RTLI) has been the major pro-life lobby group in the Idaho capitol. As far as we know, they have never attempted a complete ban on abortion that respects abortion as murder. When we at Abolish Abortion Idaho started our initiative effort recently, we hoped that some at RTLI would accede to … Read More