Women’s March on Boise is Pro-Murder March

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Boise Women's March for Murder

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, the Idaho Statesman reported that about 5,000 people turned out in snowy conditions for the Women’s March on Boise. While it is probable that there were a number of reasons represented for marching, a dominant theme of the march was women’s desire to have the supposed “right” to pay an assassin to butcher their own baby in the womb. This atrocity is otherwise called abortion. It is probably called abortion, rather than murder, to take the emphasis off the baby, place it on the pregnancy, and thus attempt to assuage the guilty mother’s conscience who sets about to terminate the life of her own offspring.

There is a photo above that we have associated with this news story. Note that in the photo, these men and women marching are holding signs that shout the typical pro-abortion mindless rhetoric of “My Body, My Choice”, to which we ask what about the baby’s body and the baby’s choice? Then, there is the woman in the left foreground with the bull-horn, who was chanting that same mantra and is wearing a scarf with the Planned Parenthood logo. Planned Parenthood kills about 330,000 babies nationwide through their abortion services every year and then claims it is only 3% of the services they provide, even though it is the major part of their revenue. In their books, dispensing an aspirin is a service, and the vacuum aspiration of a baby’s body from the womb is likewise a service.

Of course, Planned Parenthood is not providing these baby killing services against the will of mothers but at the behest of these enlightened women who are merely demanding their “rights”.

We wonder upon further examination of the photo from the march, what is the meaning of the signs “Power, Peace, Pussy”, “The Power of Pussy”, and “I’m Nasty”. Are these signs to suggest the great intelligence of women, their profound professionalism and their graceful conduct?

Following the women’s march was the March for Life of pro-lifers organized by Right to Life of Idaho. While we at Abolish Abortion Idaho respect their view that life in the womb is valuable and deserves the government’s protection, their profound flaw is that while they say abortion is murder, they have for decades rationalized that mothers who have their babies killed are somehow not murderers but are rather victims of a vicious abortion industry. This is flatly not true. The majority of mothers who obtain abortions are simply motivated by their sinful and fleshly desires to extinguish the life of their own offspring in pursuit of a greater good – perhaps to continue a career, complete a college education or to retain a boyfriend who does not want a pregnant girlfriend or children. Abortion offers them a safety valve to enjoy sex without the associated consequences of having children.

Obfuscating that these women are indeed guilty of murder has done them, their babies and society a grave disservice. They are daily becoming murderers, with the conviction of conscience associated with that eternal truth. Their babies have been killed and are continuing to be killed because we won’t admit the truth that the heinous act of abortion is murder, and everyone associated with the practice is a murderer. And society continues to not respond to the abortion holocaust in a misguided dehumanization of the preborn because the sterilized term “abortion” has been claimed to be a woman’s “right”, and murder is not called murder. Further, the mothers who kill their children are not helped by the fact that there is an eternal judgment for murder, and obfuscating their sin does not allow the law of God to do its work – showing the sinner their true condition, acting as a mirror to provide a true reflection of their character, so that they might seek and find salvation in Jesus Christ. The clear commandment is “thou shalt not murder”.

If I told you a lie, would you call me a liar? Then, let’s begin to call those who abort their children, no, kill their preborn children, murderers. Only then, will we be able to respond rightly. Only then will we stop claiming that murder is somewhere found in the constitution. Only then will we defy Roe v. Wade because the Supreme Court played the tyrant (with the compliance of pro-abortion people and the states) and perverted the constitution. Our attempt to abolish abortion in Idaho by treating it the same as any other murder is constitutional, respecting the 5th, 9th, 10th and 14th amendments to the US Constitution. It is the definition of cruelty and insanity to wait around 44 years and 60 million murdered for black robed tyrants in DC to desist from tyranny. It is time to resist and defy legalized murder.

We’d like to augment this reflection on this past weekend’s Boise march by including commentary from Mark Kreslins:

This one’s gonna get me in trouble!

Seriously, after yesterday’s “women’s march” full of hatred, vitriol, women dressing in vagina suits and apparently, by the MILLIONS, can we not admit the obvious once and for all and declare that America is actually and truly hopelessly divided? Pat Buchanan has written about this. So has Peggy Noonan the day after Trump was inaugurated. See, I think when we all nod our heads in agreement that America is divided, down deep, we hold on to a tiny hope that we can be united again. This hope plays out in our elections every two and four years and for decades now, we’ve believed that America can be united by political force through political wars for control of Washington DC.

KRESLINS! Will you get off your high horse you big dummy! Don’t you know that if we can just get the right guy into the White House or the right Supreme Court justice or get control of Congress, or, or, or… Well then we’ll change everything!

This has been the mantra for 44 years and this mantra has led to the worst modern day holocaust…the murder of 56 million babies since we deployed this strategy after Roe v. Wade.

Well if yesterday’s women’s march demonstrated anything, they are not going to be united by force of legislation, politics, political theory called conservatism, a party, or a political personality. This group of women have totally rejected transcendent and eternal truth, they have embraced the murder of the unborn as their new idol and sacrament. They are actually and figuratively shaking their fists at God and/or common morality and shouting “hey, hey, ho, ho, all restraints have got to go!” No one is going to tell this platoon of “nasty” women that they are wrong. Insulting millions of other gracious women, they have decided to define themselves via their anatomy and political right to “murder” their babies. There truly is little hope for these women aside from a spiritual awakening and an awakening that I pray for.

On top of that, this women’s march was supported by a large number of feminist men who likewise shake their fists at transcendent and eternal truth and form their own platoon to destroy anything that might resemble restraint and order.

Sadly, the political football in all of this is abortion. Ever since that evil ghastly decision by Seven of Nine Politically Connected Lawyers in Black Robes who ruled that it was “constitutional” to murder innocent babies, this union of fifty separate state has been hopelessly divided. As it should be! There’s no coming back from that fact. Now it’s time to allow the division to occur and stop thinking there is a solution to unify the “country” under a political party or a political personality. In that regard, Trump could be a transformational figure. As Peggy Noonan so adroitly pointed out, Trumps inaugural speech was a declaration of independence. He was declaring independence from the republicans, the democrats, the political establishment in Washington DC and the status quo. Will he now see the solution to the moral decay and decadence in the country as advocating for its separation from one another? Time will tell.

The next few years will be a replay of yesterday. The militancy that I observed yesterday cannot be ignored…we are hopelessly divided and must now divide along very natural fissures. If you take the murder of an innocent child as a measurement along which to divide this up, there are about 15 States where abortion would be made illegal as soon as they regain control of their state borders. Those states should leave immediately and restore order and protect the lives of the most innocent in their states, the unborn baby. And this is not as hard as you may think if you have moral and biblical clarity on this issue. If abortion is nothing more than a “political issue” to you (as it was for me for quite some time) then you won’t get this. You will continue to advocate for nebulous amorphous ideas like; taking back America or restoring the Constitution, or they don’t have the authority to do that in Washington DC. But if abortion is understood morally and biblically, it MUST be defined by what it actually is…murder. And in a modern civil society murder is never condoned and never ruled “constitutional!” Murder is sanctioned and punished as it should be…right? Can I get an AMEN!?

So when the body of believers called Christians living in various States in this Union decide abortion is not a debatable political issue and instead they decide to obey God and call it what it is, murder, at that point, things will change. But if the “Church” continues to insist that abortion is an issue to be resolved by politics, the courts, etc and that this pseudo unity we supposedly enjoy is more important than obedience to God; well then our sinful thinking will compound. In the end, this IS a black and white issue, there are no shades of grey or penumbra’s when it comes to dismembering a baby, scalding it with saline, or vacuuming it from the warmth and safety of the womb. If we did that to a baby outside the mother, we’d call it murder and demand action from our political leaders! When the baby is separated by a layer of skin suddenly, it becomes a political issue to be resolved in the courts, or by political leaders. By taking this political route, we must necessarily change the term from murder to clinical sterile terms to shelter the conscience from the evil we’re engaging in or supporting. We muddy the issue by focusing on political terms like abortion, termination of a pregnancy pro-choice, pro-life, pro-abortion, anti-choice, anti-abortion, a person or not a person.

Yet, down deep, we all know what it is…it is a ghastly murder.

I’ll close with this excerpt from the website; HOLOCAUST TEACHER RESOURCE CENTER:

The Allies offered to the survivors what guidance and support they could. The liberators were also deeply moved by the experience. The Allied reactions included tears, horror, denial, patriotism, and hatred for the Nazis, Overall, a cold anger welled up in the Allied troops for the German citizens. As camp after camp was liberated, the civilians insisted that they had not known of the atrocities that lay within. It was obvious, however, that the camp’s stench and the odor of’ the crematories had carried for miles over the countryside.

We ALL know what is going on in the killing centers in our States. Where will the liberators come from today? They will only come from a deep sense of sorrow, Godly sorrow at what we have done under the guise of being united. When we stand before a Holy God, what will we say when He informs us that the truth is, “it was obvious, however, that the camp’s [abortuaries] stench and odors of the murder of the unborn was known to all of us.” What will we reply to Him? How will be defend ourselves? I can assure you, He will not accept “but Lord, we were only one Supreme Court justice away….”

Yesterday was a defining moment. The lines are stark. There is no putting this evil genie back in the bottle friends. It’s time to change directions.


Circulate the Idaho Ballot Initiative to Criminalize Abortion as Murder


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